LCA was founded on the belief that 

everyone holds untapped potential within themselves. By providing the opportunity and tools to unlock this hidden treasure, success becomes inevitable.




We See the Unseen Potential Within You. We understand that core values define your organization and culture. Working within those values we help unlock the hidden talent of each team member, empowering them to create a significant impact within the organization and beyond. 


Courageously Challenge You. We provide a fresh approach to organizational change and leadership development. As we inspire individual growth  new business opportunities are uncovered.   


Go Deep. We delve deeper than what's apparent. Our approach involves critical and creative thinking, and innovative strategies to address your most important inquiries regarding development, culture, and organizational change. 


Simplify the Complex. We value theory, but know that learning from real-life experiences and applying that knowledge achieves  meaningful results. All of our content is based on real challenges and success. 


Passionate Presentations. We are passionate teachers, facilitators, and coaches. We understand that it is an honor and privilege to work with you. If you are wondering why we do this work, your success means a better world. 

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According to SHRM...


"HR executives give their organizations a C+ for leadership development, and U.S. workers would give them a D+." 


We are proud to have achieved an outstanding +93 net promoter score (NPS) which reflects the high satisfaction levels of our participants and anecdotal data that's evidence of real change. Our programs are designed to focus on personal growth and unlocking one's potential, as we strongly believe that this approach leads to greater success compared to traditional development programs that emphasize theory. Research conducted by the World Economic Forum supports our approach, highlighting that self-awareness and understanding of one's environment are crucial qualities for effective leaders.

"Employees want transparent leadership and communication, personalization of total rewards, and safe spaces to co-create their common future."


This starts with  leadership qualities like:

  • Self-awareness
  • Situational Awareness
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Agility & Resilience¬†
  • Collaboration¬†
  • Executive Presence