Scalable solutions for organizations that need more likable, marketable, and credible leaders to increase business impact through leadership influence; and individuals who want to take control of their career. 


Amidst uncertainty, organizations have to remain alert and agile as leaders seek answers to complex problems. This emphasizes the necessity for adaptable solutions that cater to the business needs of an organization and the ambitions of leaders and employees. While employees must proactively take ownership of their careers, organizations play a critical role by providing the essential development to enable this empowerment. 


Essential Development to Enable Empowerment. 

Picture the possibilities that could unfold when someone assists in uncovering hidden talent within your organization. How would it benefit your organization if employees started seeing themselves and their capacity for success differently? Envision the power of leveraging the expertise, experience, and skills of someone known for propelling leaders forward in their careers and improving business outcomes. How would your people, culture, and organization change if you improved communication, boosted confidence, elevated leaders' executive presence, and aligned personal brands with the company's brand and business goals?


Data Underscores Our Success.   

Whether you're seeking to enhance your succession plan with high-performance leaders, improve organizational effectiveness, or elevate leadership impact, data underscores LCA's ability to simplify complex concepts and facilitate growth.


"You had such an impact on me that I've been promoted twice. I had my dream job then I was promoted to the role I never dreamed of having."

- Charlyn, VP, HR

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"Our office is more organized, productive, and efficient. We are achieving goals, increasing our confidence in each other, and our internal infrastructure is stronger. Within one week, we could see significant changes in attitudes and relationships. Instead of finding fault, we communicate and focus on finding solutions."

- Senior Resident Director, Merrill Lynch


"S. Renee has been an incredible partner in helping us deliver a dynamic, inspiring, and powerful educational experience that guides attendees through a personal and professional development growth journey. She expertly led them through developing their personal brand and identifying opportunities to bring their authenticity to the forefront, which will help today's and future leaders around the globe."

- Director, Educational Programs, SHRM


"I can tell you that by far S. Renee is the best consultant/facilitator I have worked with, readily and eagerly wanting to apply her content to Cigna's message! It really felt like she was a part of the Cigna family. This will bring huge value to those who want to apply her lessons!"

- Awarding Winning Talent Development & Organizational Professional 



"Before I met S. Renee, I was spiraling…my confidence and self-worth were shot. My coaching sessions put me on a journey to heal, level up my career as well as start a business. Now, I’m smiling, more confident, and pursuing my dreams."



"When I came to her, I didn’t know which direction to go. She helped me integrate my military and leadership background into a message with depth…my earnings from speaking increased by 900%."



‚ÄúShe helps you identify hidden talent and skills and how you how to capitalize on your hidden treasure. After working with S. Renee for a few weeks, I gained more confidence as a speaker and an expert in my field.‚Ä̬†