S. Renee built her brand and business from ground zero to becoming a nationally recognized self-esteem, branding and communications expert, coach, speaker, and author. Her life-changing There Is More Inside™ programs have been developed based on her own accomplishments and the deliberate successes of her clients.

A Leadership Delaware fellow, S. Renee earned certificates of completion from Wharton Executive Education in Executive Presence and Influence, University of Delaware Conflict Resolution Program in basic mediation training, and Xerox International Center for Management and Training Development in sales. She is also a certified coach, AWS cloud practitioner, and Gallup Clifton Strengths coach.

S. Renee isn’t just an executive coach, she is called a “strategist,” “collaborator,” and “bar-raising thought partner” for executives, senior leaders, and cross functional teams that support talent development, retention, and succession planning.
She accelerates human performance that drives business outcomes in the spirit of excellence as demonstrated by hundreds of leaders who project executive presence, communicate a compelling vision, and strengthen team performance and relationship dynamics, thereby making a difference in work cultures and customer experiences.
To successfully coach VPs at Amazon who run massive organizations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, S. Renee leveraged her experience as a business owner, sales rep at Xerox, and leader at Walmart, Paramount, and Delaware State University. She has worked with clients in legal, financial, educational, and mental health profession, both state and federal government institutions as well as in healthcare, consumer, and non-profit industries.

She can point to thousands of leaders who have experienced the positive results of her advice, but perhaps her strongest endorsement is her own life.

S. Renee’s confident, courageous, unstoppable mindset has been shaped by failure, rejection, and criticism. Teased and bullied until age twelve, in only two years after reading her first book on self-development, she was elected queen of her middle school and won the superlative title: "Friendliest and Most Reliable."

The word used most often to describe S. Renee is inspirational.  She credits her curiosity, ability to listen, and genuine interest in helping people expand their capacity for success as her superpowers. 






Our programs help you make authentic and permanent change. Our processes are designed to provide you with compelling and relevant content, strategies, tools, and techniques to authentically grow beyond your unique challenges to achieve desired success. 


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Sometimes you need personal time with someone who gets you but holds you accountable to achieving your goals. The right questions and precise feedback leaves you with no excuses towards self-fulfillment.


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It's not you against the world...it's you finding your path in the world. Have you ever thought the burdens of your problems are too heavy? Don't panic. You're not the exception. People aren't born with success and confident genes, you have to develop the skills to achieve success. 


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