$197.99 USD

UnBottle Your Business Brand: Leverage Your Personal Brand for Business Success

Leverage who you are and what you have to make the world a better place.  

Here's what you'll learn to do during this course:

  • Leverage your current brand to build a strong personal brand as a speaker.  
  • Identify your unique voice, topic, and message to connect with your audience. 
  • Gain insights on launching a speaking career and securing speaking engagements.  
  • Develop strategies for customizing presentations and connecting with diverse audiences.
  • How to craft your brand story.
  • How to negotiate your pricing using ROI model. 

What you'll get:

  • A front seat to a conversation with S. Renee and Steve Harrison about how to build a speaking business 
  • S. Reneeā€™s personal experiences and insights into building and sustaining a brand in the speaking business 
  • 2 Modules (14 videos) 
  • 57-page fillable workbook to create your customized playbook to build the infrastructure for your speaking business 
  • 2 Modules (14 videos) 


Gain access to exclusive, raw footage including:

* S. Renee & Steve Harrison role-play effective questioning techniques and negotiating your fee.

*Get input and advice from Steve. 

*S. Renee coaches Steve on how to deliver with more passion.

*Shows you how to make your speech more universal. 

*Illustrates how to use your voice to influence the emotions of your audience. 

* Sample presentations, contracts, and one-sheets.

*The importance of pulling people in to the experience of the problem.

*How to pivot in the moment to reach your audience

*Why S. Renee bombed a presentation

*Audio, How to Create a Buzz: Grow Your Life and Business Even If No ONe Knows You, Yet

Disclaimer: Achieving speaking engagements is not guaranteed by taking this course. Building a successful speaking career requires dedication, consistency, and perseverance. These are the strategies S. Renee employed to establish her business and thought leadership.